Why Is Black History Month Important

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History is made by those who have the courage to change the world. Black history month is not simply just February. It’s the suffering, the pain, the blood and the tears. It’s the marks they have left on the world. Black History Month is an opportunity to celebrate those who have led the path and broken barriers.
Daniel “Chappie” James Jr was born in Pensacola, Florida. Since he was a little boy, he had admired the pilots flying the planes he watched in the sky. He was born in 1920, a time when there were no African American pilots in the military. Since he was born, his parents had taught him to always have hope. Because of the lessons his parents taught him, he knew that he could overcome all obstacles thrown at him. He knew his skin color did not make him inferior.
As he grew, so did his passion to fly planes. During high school, Daniel often traded chores for airplane rides with pilots. When he graduated
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However, he was then moved in order to fight in the Korean War. During his time there, he flew combat missions for the first time. He heroically saved his unconscious partner and himself by carrying his partner and jumping out of the plane when it malfunctioned and blew up. For this courageous action. In 1951, he returned home to the US, where he became a jet fighter pilot in an air force base in Massachusetts. He soon became the commander of he 437th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron. For the Vietnam War, he was stationed in Thailand in 1966 as deputy commander of operations. During his time there, he flew over 70 combat missions into North Vietnam. After that, he was transferred to Libya.
Daniel “Chappie” James Jr. will forever be known for overcoming the discrimination that was thrown at him. He made history when he became the first African-American four-star general in the US. During his time, he received countless awards. He never let anything stand in his way, and had the courage to change the

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