Why Is Blacksmithing Important In Greek Mythology

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1. First blacksmithing has an elaborate mythology based off of it, blacksmithing also has a significant amount history behind it as well. Hephistis is one of the more well-known blacksmithing gods from greek mythology. He is to have been the reason the Greeks and Romans learned how to create a material called bronze much stronger than tin and copper so it was used more often in tools and weapons like axes picks and hoes/rakes. He also has been said to have created many weapons for the gods of Olympus like Zeus 's lightning bolts, Poseidon 's trident, and Hades helm of darkness. The second person in blacksmithing mythology I 'm going to talk about is Volundr/Wayland in german mythology he is known as Wayland and he is normally depicted in his…show more content…
2. Second blacksmithing also uses more than one material a lot like the romans and even in modern times most places in the world use more than one material in their tools and architecture. Today we all use iron it’s part of the human body and it is one of the oldest elements in the world it was used mainly in the iron age which lasted from around 1200 BC to around 550 BCE. The medieval era was were iron working and blacksmithing thrived crafting weapons tools and buildings there was on about average 1 blacksmith in every village and they did not only work with iron like modern day blacksmiths they used things like gold, silver, and iron (obviously) they only worked with gold when they were making things for kings and nobles they used silver for jewellery for merchants but in modern times we make something called steel a combination of coal and iron the coal makes the iron harder and more rust resistant used in nuts bolts chains and the bone structure of skyscrapers and other buildings. Another material much older than iron is something called bronze it was mostly used by the romans to create most of the things we use steel of iron in like tools weapons they used it in armour and art like statues and bouts aswell as

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