Why Is Block Scheduling Important?

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I didn’t have time to finish my homework last night! Trust me we have all said those word at least one time in our lives. You don’t have to worry about finishing homework in one day anymore if Parras Middle School switches to block scheduling. Block Scheduling is the best thing for this school. It helps students get a better understanding for the subject they are learning, get students ready for high school, have longer classes, and have 2 days to do their homework.
Students will have a better understanding on any subject they are working on. There are less class periods during the day. We have done block scheduling at Parras before for testing and I really liked it. It is nice to have more time to learn and understand what is being taught. The NEA (national education association) says, “Students have more time for reflection and less information to process over the course of the day.” Meaning students more time to learn the same amount of information they would learn normally.
Doing block scheduling is preparing Parras students to go to high school. RUHS’ schedule is all classes on Monday, even periods on Tuesday and Thursday, and odd periods on Wednesday and Friday. I would like our middle school to do the same. It is nice to getting on a schedule and used to moving from class to class, but having block schedule we would
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Most people don’t like doing homework. If you don’t have the same classes everyday you get double the amount of time finish projects, studying for a test, and of course doing homework. You could also plan something out if you had and after school activity that makes it hard to do your homework. One way is you could do your homework on the day it was given. Another way is to save all of your homework for one day and do the activity on the other. I sound crazy but if you think about it, it’s just like doing a regular day of
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