Why Is Brutus Betrayr In Julius Caesar

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According to, a betrayer can be defined as a person who is unfaithful in guarding or fulfilling a promise, or committing treachery, against another person. This is a flawless characterization of Brutus in William Shakespeare’s play “Julius Caesar”. Brutus was a senator of Rome who assassinated the future monarch, Julius Caesar. However, Brutus killed Caesar out of the love he had for his country’s wellbeing and to prevent the spread of tyranny. Conversely, the senator mislead his king into believing that he could be trusted. Brutus betrayed Caesar by deceiving him with false loyalty until he had a chance to kill the monarch, thus breaking the sacred vow of trust that came with their friendship. To begin, some may argue that Brutus killed Caesar for Rome’s well-being. In theory, this could have been true. Brutus may have thought that killing a potentially tyrannical dictator could have been a good thing for Rome. However, in this thinking process, Brutus should have come to the conclusion that killing a king would lead to an all-out war, which it did. Soon after Caesar’s assassination, a friend of Caesar, Antony, and a relative of Caesar, Octavius, joined forces to wage war against Brutus and Cassius. Octavius was furious at the death of his kin. He said the following during the…show more content…
Friendship is a sacred bond between people that binds them in a vow of trust. Brutus broke this unspoken vow when he first conspired against Caesar. A true friend would talk to Caesar and discuss his problems as a leader. Instead Brutus betrayed Caesar by killing him. This betrayal is demonstrated in the following quotation: “Et tu, Bruté? —Then fall, Caesar” (Act III, Scene I, Page V). This line is Caesar’s reaction to Brutus stabbing him. He is overcome with feelings of hatred and agony that a friend that he loved would betray him. This returns to the idea that Brutus was never a true friend of
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