Why Is Brutus Caesar Like The Crowd

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Marc Antony and Brutus are both great at speaking to crowds. The crowd liked Brutus the best at first but by the end of the act they hated him and liked Antony. The reason the crowd liked Antony the best was because he knew how to persuade them and he knew how to turn them against Brutus. They also liked how he talked good about Brutus and how he talked about Caesar’s will. Antony’s speech was more effective because he knew how to talk to the people and turn them against Brutus without breaking the rules he gave him. Antony strategized what he was going to say. In Act III, Sc. 2 Antony said, “I come to bury Caesar not to praise him.” He made people think he was just coming to say goodbye but he wasn't. After that he kept telling the people that Brutus was honorable and a great man. For Example in Act III, Sc. 2 Antony said, “ But Brutus says he was ambitious and Brutus is an honorable man.” After Antony gets the crowd's attention he…show more content…
Brutus managed to calm the crowd down when caesar was killed and he had the people on his side at the beginning of the funeral. Brutus is a natural born leader and speaker. After Brutus agreed to kill Caesar he took control of the group. Everyone listened to what he had to say and agreed with him. For example They debated on killing Antony but Brutus said not to and they listened to him. Everyone always asked for advice and cared about what he said. Brutus and Antony are great at giving speeches but Antony is better. For Antony it was the will that gave him the power to persuade the crowd to like him better. He would have most likely lost the crowds attention if he would not have talked about the will. Brutus’s strength was his honesty. If he would have lied to everyone about why he killed Caesar then he would have already been killed and lost everyone’s trust. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. Antony just knew how to exploit Brutus's
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