Why Is Brutus Justified In Killing Caesar

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Is it justified to kill someone because they have gained too much power and are going to use it for the worse? Brutus has a very bad circumstance on his hands, he can kill Caesar and possibly be executed for his actions or he can let Caesar become king and watch Rome fall. There are many reasons why Brutus should and should not join the conspiracy. Brutus says, “I know no personal reason to spurn at him But for the general.” (II,i,11). Lucius Junius Brutus one of Brutus’ ancestor that turned Rome into a republic. Brutus loves caesar but doesn't want him to become king. Brutus doesn't have a personal reason to kill Caesar but for the good of Rome he has to. The country of rome would fall to Caesar if he became king because he is corrupt. Brutus loves Caesar but knows he has to kill him for the good of rome. He says, “I know…show more content…
Lucius Junius Brutus was an ancestor to Brutus and Brutus doesn't want to let down his ancestor by letting Caesar destroy the Republic. Everybody knows people don't want to let down their ancestors even if they're dead. Brutus is a very loyal person and knows he has to be loyal to his family's name by joining the conspiracy to kill Caesar. The letters that Cassius forged convince Brutus to join the conspiracy. The letters said they were from the people and said they don't want Caesar to become king. They tossed the letters in Brutus's window on the Ides of March to trick him. Cassius knew Brutus is good to the people so if he could trick Brutus into thinking the people wrote it he could get him to join. Though there are many reasons for Brutus to join the conspiracy there are many reasons why not to. One of them is Brutus could be tracked down and executed for killing Caesar. Though it would help the people of Rome Brutus doesn't want to die because of his actions. All of Caesar's guards would hunt down Brutus and assassinate him for killing who they thought was a great
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