Why Is Buddhism Integrated To Australia

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Traditional Buddhist teachings have somewhat become a spiritual phenomenon integrated into Australia, where its popularity has spread to cultures outside of Buddhist decent. Buddhist practices “are techniques that encourage and develop concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, and a calm seeing of the true nature of things” where it strengthens the mind and creates a basis for a healthy lifestyle. While these fundamental concepts exist in other religions, principles from traditional Buddhist teachings such as meditation as a form of prayer, are applicable to diverse cultures. So, to what extent has traditional Buddhist teachings been integrated into Australian society and why is it such a popular religion? Buddhism has extensively shaped Australian society, where diverse cultures can practice Buddhist teachings…show more content…
According to Elizabeth Owen, who frequently practices Buddhist teachings, “being calm, centered and compassionate is applicable to all human beings which potentially is the reason that people are attracted to the core beliefs of Buddhism. Peace and compassion are influential concepts which are achieved through Buddhist teachings in Australian society, where this provides an “antidote to the materialism and consumption which dominate the Western society Both the lack of need to appease gods or priests and the absence of adherence to dogmas and myths contribute to the foundations of Buddhism, where they are not so much “tenets of faith as they are those of perceptions held within our own mind According to Elizabeth Owen, “people are turning to Buddhism for its non-violent, peaceful and compassionate
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