Why Is Canada Important In History

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Canada is one of the most valuable country in the world, because it provides/offers many positive resources, aid, and outcomes. Canada’s history about its involvement in many aspects is quite amazing, and our Canada today proves the fact that how responsible decisions it made in history. Starting from 1945, Canada has joined a number of great organizations who are working for a good cause, and Canada has participated in many conflicts all around the world. Even though the conflicts were not started by Canada and were at times very negative, but Canada always made sure that its involvement/contribution in the conflict was a positive one. This characteristic has inspired many, and caused many of the inspired people to immigrate to Canada, and…show more content…
NORAD basically provides aerospace warning, air sovereignty, and defence for all of North America (Canada and USA). Another combined effort made by USA and Canada is the Free Trade Agreement, which was signed in 1988. Six years later, NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) was formed when the original Free Trade Agreement was signed by Mexico, Canada, and the USA. NAFTA was created to eliminate/destroy barriers between the three countries so that they could invest and trade in any of the three. NAFTA brought immediate elimination of tariffs on more than 50 percent of Mexico’s exports to the USA, and elimination of about 33 percent of USA exports to Mexico. The trades between USA and Canada were already duty-free. This Agreement was also made on the purpose to eliminate non-tariff trade barriers, while protecting the intellectual property rights of their products at the same time. All of this negotiation and agreements was a wonderful part of history, but it wasn’t like that between everyone in the world. Bringing you back to the Cold War, it was a state of military and political tension that took place for nearly 45 years! The Cold War began shortly after World War II, and was between the the USA and NATO allies (Western bloc) and the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact allies (Eastern bloc). It is called the Cold war as it lacked a lot of fighting like the the World Wars. It happened because the USA was basically against communism and wanted it to be replaced with Democracy etc., while the Soviet Union wanted to keep communism. Many major regional wars took place in Vietnam, Korea, and Afghanistan. Since Canada was a part of NATO, therefore they were supporting the USA. Canada ended up officially choosing not to participate in 1964 – which was about halfway through the Cold war, which started in 1955.
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