Why Is Capital Punishment A Necessary Evil

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“Punishment itself was an evil, but a necessary evil”- Putting the offender to death to teach other minds a lesson.” -Bentham
Everyone is aware of that fundamental feature of human behaviour is love for life. It is the foremost valuable wealth for a human being and not only a human being, but also for an animal, even an animal does not want to lose the life. Everybody desire to get pleasure from it up to the fullest extent mirthfully. For a human being nothing can be beloved than life and death penalty is that sort of punishment that takes this loved one property.
Capital punishment means a sentence of death. It is the severest i.e. an extreme point of sentence. The punishment is extreme as a result of it turnoff the existence of human life. The capital punishment is to be awarded just for very gruesome, horrifying, anti-social, grievous and disgusting crimes against humanity. Although the definition and extent of such crimes vary from country to country and time to time; there is in all probability no any country in the world where death penalty has never existed. It has been in observed from the past.
The terribly object of penalty has continuously been to
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In 1980, only 25 countries had abolished the executing for all crimes. That figure currently stands at 91, with an extra 11 countries having abolished the death penalty for 'ordinary' crimes. 33 countries are considered to be 'abolitionist in practice' in that they retain the death penalty for ordinary crimes such as murder but have not executed anyone during the last 10 years and are believed to have a policy or established practice of not carrying out executions, meaning that a total of 135 of the world's nations have turned their back on capital punishment in law or
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