Why Is Catcher In The Rye Banned

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Catcher in the Rye

There's a very large controversy over should catcher in the rye be banned or not and why so? Catcher in the rye was wrote by J.D. Salinger and he put many rude addresses in the book as well as some swearing but nothing too graphic or extreme. However there are many points in the book where he uses the lord's name in vain which I imagine would anger many religious members and parents because they don't want their children to accept that kind of language or behavior. Just one of the many times he uses this type of language for example when ackley says “stop calling me ackley kid god damn it.” (25) Honestly what would banning this book do, except keep us from learning about it in school? Very few teachers ever teach this book and if a parent doesn't want their child to read it they can just have a word with the teacher. The only thing it would if the book were banned is keep us from having to read and write about this book in class. You can still go to a public library or a bookstore and read it. This book is an extremely famous book, I’m not sure why but many people love this book. Catcher in the Rye has been bought and sold for over fifty years and if younger generations want to read this they should have the right to do so even if it is a somewhat
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He kinda seems like he says those words so much because he doesn't know other ones or is too childish and those words scare him. For example near the end of the book on page 201 holden sees the f-word written on the wall and it makes him furious but he's almost to scared to wipe it off the wall because he thinks that someone would catch him wiping it off and think he wrote it. This event makes holden look immature and shows he doesn't like foul language when it passes a certain point do to his
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