Essay On Celebrity Culture

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Have you ever wondered why some celebrities that you might follow on social media complain about depression and difficulty building meaningful relationships? Or maybe why some celebrities don't focus on creating actual content, but instead focus on showing off on social media? Well, the answer for both of these is that online celebrities have to constantly work, and constantly please their viewers to stay afloat. This causes stress on them and to the viewers, as they want them to fail just as much as they want them to succeed. So, “Celebrity Culture” of having people want to be famous for anything is harmful to american society.

One reason why “Celebrity Culture” is harmful to american society is that these celebrities teach children that
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There is a lot of waiting around to become famous while the world rages around us, with terrorism and war happening around us. However, we’re so caught up in social media and the latest celebrity stories, that we simply either don’t notice or don’t care about the outside world. A quote from the article “Celebrity Culture is Harmful” states “The American oligarchy-1 percent of whom control more wealth than the bottom 90 percent combined-are the characters we most envy and watch on television. They live and play in multimillion-dollar mansions. They marry models or professional athletes. They are chauffeured in stretch limos. They rush from fashion shows to movie premieres to fabulous resorts. They have surgically enhanced, perfect bodies and are draped in designer clothes that cost more than some people make in a year. This glittering life is held before us like a beacon. This life, we are told, is the most desireable, the most gratifying. And this is the life we want. Greed is good, we believe, because one day through our acquisitions we will become the elite.” This quote relates back to the thesis in that by us wanting only to achieve this status of life, nothing else matters, so we put everyone behind ourselves, making society
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