Why Is Censorship Important In Schools

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Censorship Censorship in schools may not be the best choice for enriching the future minds of the United States of America. Children of the United States of America should have the right to learn about anything for it is there amended right. Taking knowledge away from them and censoring it should not be the answer to keeping our Children pure it should be what we teach our kids. We need to teach them right and wrong that is what will keep our child’s mind pure. Many books are being taken off shelves every day in student libraries because a couple people do not think that the book is suitable for children. Children just like us have a mind of their own and should be able to make their own decisions by themselves to either pick up the book or to leave it alone. Censorship does not exist in public places such as stores even though children enter stores everyday these kids have learned the decency of what they should or should not do they learned what they want and what they do not want what they like and what they do not like that should be a reason that children should be able to make censorship their choice. …show more content…

Telling a child that they need to get over it is not ok this can lower their self-esteem and self-confidence. This is why I stress the importance to let the children make their own choices. It will improve decision making skills and start to prepare them from the real world. In the real world there is no one there to censor things from you, you need to become independent and face everything you may not feel comfortable with your head high. Sometimes letting a child experience and learn something harsh is a good

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