Why Is Charles King Jr Successful

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Charles King Jr is a person that works really hard when it comes to football but, it's a struggle for him when it came to school. Also Charles had many family issue. Charles has been through many obstacles his whole life. When Charles was born he wasn’t breathing and the doctors said he might not live. Then Charles was starting to breath and was breathing right. When Charles was just 5 years old he was playing tackle football. His dad started him young , Charles dad Charles King Sr worked Charles really hard. They would practice every day before football practice and after. As Charles was getting older he was getting better, faster, and quicker so he had an advantage over the other kids, Even though Charles was really good at football he wasn’t a really good in the classroom. When Charles was little he couldn’t really read that well so his mom Trish signed him up for extra reading classes. Charles always thought reading was so pointless, he just thought school was pointless.…show more content…
“Because Charles you need the extra practice,” Mom said. “No I don’t mom,” said Charles. “Yes you do and it doesn’t matter I already signed you up for it so, you're going to do it,” said Mom. When Charles got to middle school he was one of the best players on the field. Charles dad Charles King Sr still worked his son really hard so, Charles was ready for the games because Charles dad thought he shouldn’t have time to waste if he wanted to play at the next level. Charles knew that his dad was just trying to push him to be the best player he could be so, everything his dad would say he would listen. “Come on son get up it's work time,” said Dad “Dad it’s 6:00 in the morning,” said Charles. “I know that son. Do you want to get better or not,” Dad asked. “Yes I want to get better,” Charles
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