Why Is Charlie Gordon Wrong

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Artificial Intelligence is wrong. Whether you're smart or dumb defies who you are. Charlie Gordon is a 37 year old man with a mental disability in the story of “Flowers For Algernon”. Charlie Gordon was better off before the artificial intelligence (A.I.) surgery, Before the surgery he has friends, he's happy, and motivated/determined. First, Charlie truly believed that he has friends before the surgery, Before Charlie Gordon has the artificial intelligence surgery (A.I) he truly believes that he has real friends and that they are just “joking around with him” when they are really bulling them, but Charlie doesn’t realize it. Charlie and his “friends” Frank Reilly, and Joe Carp take him out for a drink at a bar. Yet the only reason they did this was to laugh at him. After Charlie gets drunk Frank Reilly tells charlie to go dance, and he gets tricked into it, because they repeatedly tripped him over then offered to “help him up” but then they tripped him again. Soon they ask Charlie to go get something for them across the street, Charlie does…show more content…
”He said i had good motor-vation”. In the beginning of Flowers for Algernon, Charlie Gordon says he would be perfect for the operashun because he “wants to learn” and “be a (Gene-A**)”. But, after the surgery Charlie feels emotions he has never felt before. Such as “Love, and Happiness”. Yes, Charlie Gordon may have felt good feelings. but he also felt a lot of bad ones to. Such as “Anger, Jealousy, Frustration etc”... Also, Charlie Gordon got 3x smarter. before the surgery he had a IQ of 68. After the surgery he has a breaking point of a IQ that is 204. Soon after a couple months the surgery wares off and Charlie Gordon is “Non-Intelligent” again. Yet there is a downside of it. Charlie’s IQ goes even lower than 68 now. Which means the “Artificial Intelligence” (A.I) surgery is a failure and Charlie regresses even
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