Why Is Cheating Wrong

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Is cheating wrong? To many people it is, and to others, not so much. There are several types of cheating: on tests, people, and even in sports. It 's shocking that others do these things, and it isn 't beneficial in any way. Cheating is not something that 's acceptable. If you have a conscience then you most likely will not cheat, no matter what the situation is because you may feel guilt. Say you 're in class one day and everyone has to take a test, and the person that sits right next to you forgot to study. They 're automatically going to look for a way to pass it, and if the only other way to do it is to look on your paper for the answers, that 's exactly what they 're going to do. Of course the person 's going to think it 's perfectly fine, as long as they get that "A ", but it 's a terrible thing to do. If both of you end up with the same score, the teacher is going to assume someone…show more content…
There 's a football game playing in the living room, and your family is watching it. You walk in and one of your parents say that a player on one of the teams had asked for some air to be let out of the football. No one knew that the ball had been deflated until after the game. The quarterback cheated because he knew the odds of winning were slim. A player in another game was also knocked unconscious and was sent to the hospital with a concussion, people assumed the other player hit him because he played extremely well. What 's the point in this? It gives you a bad image and reputation, no one will ever forget what terrible things you 've done. Clearly, cheating has not got anyone anywhere in life. There is always consequences when cheating. Some people may put it in their heads that it 's allowable, when in reality, not one significant achievement comes from cheating. Many will disagree but some will agree that cheating is unacceptable. You 'll never get away with what you think you will, whether it 's cheating on a test, in a
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