Why Is Child Labour Wrong

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What Is child labor? Child labor is not your mom making you fold the laundry, or do the dishes. It’s much more serious. Child labor is the use of children in industry or business, especially when illegal or considered inhumane. The reason why child labor is a problem is because it 's not good for the kids to work, and they don’t get a good education. But there is a solution. If we offer to help poor families, and reuse/recycle, child labor might be less common.

Children working is a problem because it 's not good for young people 's bodies,and health. Most jobs that children take part in are agriculture, which is farming. Fishing, and mining. Manufacturing, which is making items in a factory. And domestic service, which is kind of like a servant. Most of these jobs such as mining, manufacturing, fishing, and agriculture, are very dangerous. They are dangerous because they use harmful tools, and chemicals. If a tool is used the wrong way it can hurt their bodies, and the chemicals are not good for their health.
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But there is a solution. One of these solutions is to stop child trafficking. According to the dictionary traffic can also be referred to buying and selling, or trade. So when talking about child trafficking, this means that children are being bought and sold by adults, so that those adults can make a living. If trafficking is completely removed children will not end up stuck in a field or factory. Another solution could be donating money to organizations that help poor families. By doing this families might have a bit more money, and might not have to send their kids off to work. Based on the text on the website finding solutions- child labor “ There are about 800 million unemployed adults in the world, and yet there are still 300 million child workers.” This quote shows that if adults take over all of the jobs that kids are doing, the child labor rate will decrease very rapidly. Anything that is done to help stop child labor, no matter how small, is a
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