Why Is Childhood Important In Lord Of The Flies

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Teen sports are great ways to find friends and participate in friendly competition. However, sports can ruin a friendship in the blink of an eye. In Lord of the Flies childhood shapes the works as a whole by showing childhood is an important stage in life, children today have been cut short of their childhood, and the boys, in the story, have entered adulthood at an early age. Childhood is an important stage in life. It is the stepping stone of learning to walk, talk, tie shoes, or even play an instrument. As children grow they start to see different aspects of life and figure out what their likes and dislikes are. A childhood teaches the morals of knowing right from wrong; for example, bullying a person is wrong but being nice to someone is right, telling a lie to your parents so you will not get in trouble is wrong but telling your parents the truth and taking your punishment is right. This in time lays a foundation for a child and its future. This child can start to make decisions on what it might want to be when it grows up or what it wants to make of itself. A child needs a foundation like childhood to grow on, yet this childhood…show more content…
These young boys thought they were free to do anything they wanted, so they decided that they were going to be men and lay down laws and choose a leader to keep everyone on track(pg.22). This seems like a legitimate thing to do when you become stranded on an island. Now with these ‘men’ they had to make roles for who would hunt to find them meat and who would explore the island to see what they found(pg.23). However, these young boys had to experience adulthood in a way that no child should ever have to experience, murder(pg.186). These boys got so caught up in playing the game of being a man that they killed two of their own peers. These boys got pushed into

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