Why Is Chivalry Important

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Chivalry is doing the right thing for the right reason at the right time. My mom never fails to show me the power of chivalry. Although there are many virtues my mother displays, faith, generosity, and courage are three that I notice the most. From little things like making me breakfast before school to taking me on shopping trips, my mom shows me how much she cares. Family is very important to my mom and I. I have an older brother who can get on my last nerve sometimes, but thankfully my mom is always there to make us best friends again. My mom provides peace when it comes to our family. She keeps our family grounded. If someone doesn’t like the food they order, she will switch with them. When my brother comes home from college she makes us extra food so we don’t argue about who gets the last spoonful, and on our birthdays she makes sure we get our favorite meal. She goes out of her way to give us the perfect day. My mom has always put my family and I first. Her generosity shines through every day. Faith is one of my mom’s values that she shows all of the time. Faith means trust and integrity. I know that my mom is always going to be there for me. I know I can trust…show more content…
I am involved in a lot of activities, and my mom has always tried to come to every single event. She has taken time off of work to support me at every tennis tournament, and every dance recital. When I was too young to drive she would take me to school, then tennis practice, and then dance. She would do my hair and makeup for dance recitals and picture day at school, and even though I felt like my hair was getting yanked out of my head, my mom took time out of her day to make me look as good as I wanted to. I will also never forget our many shopping trips. If I wanted to go shopping for new school clothes, that is what we would do. We would drive down to Wichita, eat lunch together, and shop for
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