Why Is Chivalry Important In Today's Society

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Chivalry is essential in today’s society more than ever. In medieval times, chivalry was a code that emphasized bravery, generosity in victory, military skill, piety, and courtesy to women. Today it is not being emphasized anymore. Violence is on the rise and respect for others is a foreign language to most people. Chivalry might not solve all the problems that are happening around the world, but it can make people happier. In the world today, professional athletes are major role models for kids and young adults. People look up to them and desire to be just like their favorite player. Unfortunately in professional sports, domestic violence towards women and other violent crimes are on the rise. Over the past year Ray Rice, former running back for the Baltimore Ravens, was caught on an elevator video striking his then girlfriend now wife across the face. This stirred up controversy around the league on how long his suspension should be. He was…show more content…
Young children and teenagers are losing respect for adults, which is leading to crimes. Dr Sigman, who is a of the Royal Society of Medicine, says that nursery aged children are becoming increasingly violent toward teachers. This is leading to parent battering and police are being attacked by kids. Also related to this,Sheryl Eleazar was witnessing a middle aged reporter interviewing a teenage boy about a vandalized park. “At first, I was caught up by the actual topic in the news but after hearing the way the spoke to the reporter, my interest suddenly changed direction. Instead of sharing my opinion about pools and swimming venues, I decided to just mull over at how our society nowadays display such a lack of respect for other people.” The disrespect the youth today are showing all starts at home. Parents are not caring what trouble their kids get into and that causes problems. When people tolerate disrespectful behavior, it eventually leads to crime and

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