Why Is Chivalry Important To Me

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Chivalry is a big task to take one for most people there are many types of codes of chivalry like caring, compassion, belief in others are some to get you thinking about some codes of chivalry. One code of chivalry that I go by in life is dedication. There have been many challenges that have come along in my life with these codes. How did this value change me? This value of dedication that I take in life has changed me because it made me see in life who are my true friends and who are friends who say they are my true friends but then later on say they aren’t. Lancelot in the story of the Sir Gawain and The Green Knight shows signs of dedication at first but then later on in the book he still shows some dedication but when King Arthur’s wife try’s to seduce him into sleeping with her he says no I can’t I can’t do that to the King. Then she tries to give him a ring he says no again. She is still trying to give him stuff so finally he takes the belt that she offered him. This is when he loses his dedication because in the begin of the book Sir Lancelot and King Arthur make a…show more content…
Maturity had a big influence on my dedication. It has changed me not in just an internal way but also it has changed my way of life and how I live life. In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight King Arthur gave Gawain and also Sir Lancelot some respect because he knew they had dedication in him. A while later in the stories he still has some respect for them but it varies because of the face Sir Lancelot took the belt from him wife. In conclusion dedication is hard to come by in life. Dedication can not only change your life but it can change other peoples. Sir Lancelot had a lot of dedication to King Arthur he just did not want to hurt his wife. Sir Gawain had dedication to his town most people don’t know what dedication is because they have never had dedication but Sir Lancelot and Sir Gawain had it with King
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