Why Is Christmas Important To Me

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Mexico is a part of my cultural identity, My family and I are all Catholics, I was raised to believe in God and La Virgen de Guadalupe. We celebrate things different than Americans. For example instead of Halloween we celebrate Dia De Muertos which celebrates Day of The Death from November 1st to the 2nd. On Dia De Muertos all the people make an altar to remember all their loved ones who have passed away. In the altar they put all sorts of things the person liked for example a variety of dish, bread, drinks, desserts, or instruments, etc. We believe that their spirits come eat and enjoy all we have prepared for them. Besides that there is a big parade filled with people and dancers dressed up as La Catrina honoring their relatives who have…show more content…
Christmas is important to me because it is the only holiday where I get to bond with my relatives and family. Christmas is where we catch up on all the important things we have done and how we are doing in life. Christmas is also the number one holiday where my relatives give us the teenager's life lessons that really aren't necessary or we already know but we still have to listen. Christmas is not only my favorite holiday because I get presents but it is my favorite holiday because I get to give presents as well. Christmas is one of the holidays where I give back to those around me who I appreciate the most and I am not saying that materialistic things count, but giving to those back for all they have done for me is just a small thank you, it is also really heartwarming to see them get what they have wanted. Another important thing that is extremely important to me is pride month and equality. This is important to me because I believe that everyone is equal and nobody should be treated differently just because of their sexual orientation. Furthermore, pride month is where everyone can go out and express themselves for who they really are. I also have mixed feelings for pride month. It is sad to see that LGBT people are only taken into consideration during that month and after that, everyone forgets about them and starts judging them again and making them feel subordinate. I think this should be changed and make an everyday pride day because it just doesn't make sense that someone should be acknowledged for a few days and then forgotten
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