Why Is Christopher Columbus Considered A Hero

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Almost everybody has heard of Christopher Columbus, but do you know that he tried to sail for 15 years. Christopher Columbus found new land, was a good navigator, and never gave up. Here are some reasons why Columbus should be considered a hero.

The first reason that Christopher Columbus was a hero is because he found new land. Before Columbus found the new land people did not know there was other land. Although people there when he got there, he was the first to announce that he found the new land and was the first to be known as a person who found new land. ¨Although he was not the discover of a new continent in the sense that he was the first to travel there, he was the first to announce what he had seen to a wide audience.¨(Document #3) If he had not told all of the people what he had found, no one would ever know that the land was there. The new land
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He tried to sail west for years, but he never had enough money to. ¨He was so determined to fulfill his dream even though he could not afford to pay for such a trip.¨(Document #1) He was determined even though it seemed that he would never get to sail. There were many people who doubted him and said that he would never be able to sail, but he never gave up on his dream of sailing west, and finding Asia. It is a good thing that he didn 't give up. Eventually he was able to sail. He changed history by never giving up. If he had given up, we would not have everything that we have today, and people would not know about the new land until years or months after he found the land.

In conclusion, I think that Christopher columbus is a hero. Some of the reasons that I think that are because he found new land that people could move to and live on, was a good navigator and he knew exactly where to go, and the final reason is because he never gave up on what he wanted to do. Columbus worked for everything he did and got, that is why he is a
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