Why Is Christopher Columbus False Reputation

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Christopher Columbus was the man that sailed the Atlantic ocean, but was not the man that most people think he was. Most people believe that Christopher Columbus was the man who discovered America. However, others say he was a murderer, he kept slaves, and that he was not as successful as everyone thought he was. Christopher Columbus was not who historians say he is. In fact, he is much worse.
Christopher Columbus is not the man historians thought he was because he would capture people and keep them as slaves. Or worse. For example, from the article “Examining the Reputation of Christopher Columbus” by Jack Weatherford is explained on the second page that Columbus did imprison people and keep them as slaves. “Columbus tore children from their parents, husbands from wives. On board Columbus’ slave ships, hundreds die; the sailors tossed the Indian bodies into the Atlantic,” page 2.
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For example, in the article “Christopher Columbus” by Patsy Stevens she says that Columbus was not the first person to know that the Earth was round. “Some people thought he was trying to prove the world was round, but this is not true. Most people already knew the Earth was round,” page 1. This shows that Columbus did not discover and inform everyone that the world was round. Most people back then already knew. Another example of why Christopher Columbus’ reputation is false is from the article “Christopher Columbus Timeline” by Linda Alchin. “Columbus again appeals to King Ferdinand of Spain for patronage, but he was again refused,” page 2. Christopher Columbus asked for his voyage to be paid for by the King of Spain several times because in the quote it says that he was, “again refused.” This shows that Columbus needed to beg multiple times just to be able to sail across the sea. He still needed food, a crew, and other supplies to actually last and make the trip worth
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