Why Is Christopher Columbus Wrong

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American’s celebrate Christopher Columbus on the 2nd Monday in October. Why? Who is Christopher Columbus? Why does he get his own Holiday? What did he do that was so great that we all celebrate this 1 man? Many people, in today’s society, do not agree on the image of Christopher Columbus, or what this Holiday is portrayed to be. Some say he was a savage, and he should not be celebrated. People boycott the Holiday, and say he enslaved, killed, and tortured Native Americans for their lands and riches. Others believe he was a brave and honorable explorer, who set out on a voyage in search of A “New World”. Who is right? Who is wrong? Is there a right or wrong? Although there are different viewpoints regarding whom Christopher Columbus is, or was, one view point that is constant is, he did make his mark on the World! Granted, ideals of Christopher…show more content…
He is said to look tall, and skinny with red hair which turned white. He learned about navigating, and how to sail the sea by traveling the Mediterranean as a young boy. He did have 4 siblings, two were left behind in Italy, and the other two were his brothers Diego and Bartholomew. Christopher Columbus married a woman named Felipa Moniz Perestrelo. She gave birth to a son named Diego, but she died a few years after the birth of their son. Five years later, in 1485, Columbus met Beatriz Enrique de Trasierra; she also gave Columbus a son named Fernando.
He mainly spoke Spanish, but it seemed to have some unfamiliarity’s. Scholars believe it was hard to understand his language because of his 12 years spent in Portugal, or possibly borrowing from the Genoese dialect. Because of his, misunderstood language interpretation, he rarely wrote in Italian. Christopher Columbus was also portrayed as a “Christian Man”, He made his time on Sundays loyal to pray to the lord, and he went to mass on a regular bases. His vocabulary rarely had swearing included within
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