Why Is Chrlemange A Good Leader

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Charlemange was a medieval emperor who ruled most of Western Europe for forty-six years. He lived from 742-814. He was called "Charles the great" or "Charles". Charlemange became king of Franks. He was emperor of romans, conquered a lot of land, he kept Christianity alive, built schools and he was the father of Europe. Because of these three reasons he was a good leader. (history.com)

Charlemange kept Christianity alive. He forced people to become religious. I don't think everyone would be happy with that because some people didn't want to become religious. That would have just made his job more complicated to deal with people who don't want to do as he say. He told them if they did not want to become a Christian they had to leave his empire. He wanted them to become a Christian just like he was. Some people did not accept it and some people did accept it. He gave them a choice to stay at the empire and accept it or leave his empire. He kilt the people who did not want to leave and become a Christian but Charlemange was not a mean man he was just powerful. He could have been a lot worser like other kings. He declared that anyone who didn't get baptized or follow other Christian traditions be put to
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"Charles" did not spend all of his time and energy on warfare. He was a great admirer of education. He built schools across Europe. He brought scholars down. Among these scholars were some of the greatest religious scholars and teachers of the Middle Ages. I think that was a good idea because if it was me I would rather have a bunch of smart people than dumb people. The teachers teachings helped shape religious and social life in Europe for centuries. He didn't force people to go to school but pretty much most people wanted to get an education. Charlemange made very good decisions. There were some rules at school but not that many because all people went there just to learn. He recruited the best teachers in the land.
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