Why Is Civil Disobedience Important

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The United States of America would be a different place without civil disobedience. Breaking the rules is usually considered wrong; however, sometimes there are exemptions to these rules, to fight for a good cause. Much of history was made through civil disobedience. Without it, we would still have slavery. We would have an overpowering government. Luckily, throughout history, citizens have stepped up and fought for their rights. Americans' privacy, security, and quality of life has been improved by breaking the rules. Government often thinks there should be no excuses for breaking the law. This makes sense from a governmental standpoint. However, as a private citizen, sometimes civil disobedience is the only way to protect our rights. For example, in the Fourth Amendment, the Constitution states that we have a right to privacy. Our government has been given power, and sometimes that…show more content…
No, I do not have anything to hide, but I do want to be able to trust the American government without worrying if they are looking at my texts, e-mails, calls, or any other personal data I may have stored on electronic devices. If the Constitution states we, as citizens, have a right to privacy, I expect to be given this right without any infringement. Obviously, this is only one of many examples of civil disobedience. Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. were disobedient to laws. Our world would be different without them standing up to the law. They may have broke the rules, but looking back, everyone would now agree that they took the moral and correct action. There are also many times where civil disobedience is completely wrong. Assassinations, I believe, are never the right way to fix a political problem. Although we may not agree with authority, murdering them is always an immoral choice to make. The positives of one’s actions must outweigh the negatives for one’s civil disobedience to be moral and truly make a
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