Why Is Civil Disobedience Still Relevant Today

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If American people in the past had not participated in peaceful resistance, the United States would not be the same nation as it is today. Many people argue that because the United States took so long to be created, public defiance to laws should not be encouraged. However, civil disobedience to laws often positively affects the free society in many ways. Not only has this changed the United States in the past, but even now allows for people to peacefully protest for what they think is right. Civil disobedience encourages the voice of the people to be heard: for it to be acted upon. A modern day example of this includes the protests against the Keystone XL Tar Sands Oil Pipeline project. The 2,000 environmental activists commit acts such as sit-ins, showing that they will stand up for their beliefs. Even though 162 activists have been arrested, these people continue to fight this injustice. Actions such as these are positive for the nation's free culture, forcing the government to acknowledge the people's role in society. The protesters against the Keystone project exemplify Americans using their freedom to get change. They force the government to decide if the people are wrong, or if the government itself needs to adapt. Peaceful…show more content…
The government has heeded the people's calls for equality and reason. However, this is an ongoing struggle. Anti-Trump protesters who recently shut down one of Donald Trump's Chicago rallies are saying that they will be doing some non-violent protesting. They demand for their voices to be heard and for the Democracy to be preserved. Overall, this is the main point of civil disobedience. It encourages people to use and uphold their American rights, and peacefully argue for laws that will help the United States. Civil disobedience makes the nation's society stronger by putting responsibility on its people and
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