Why Is Clara Barton Alive

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I will be telling you about Clarissa (Clara) Harlowe Barton. In my paper you will learn what it was like when Clara Barton was alive. How she became who she was and how she founded the American Red Cross. She had to go to school in a one-room school house. Her mom would teach her about women 's rights and her father taught her about serving her country and helping others. When she was alive women were treated unfairly by men and people were still judged by the color of their skin and the South had slaves. Clara was born on December 25, 1821 in North Oxford, Massachusetts. She lived on a big farm, went to school in a one-room school house, and she helped around the house by doing her chores. Her parents were Sarah and Stephen Barton, she had two sisters Dorothea and Sally, and two brothers David and Stephen.Before Clara went to school she was tutored by her brothers and sisters in subjects such as spelling, arithmetic, and geography. When Clara was 11 her brother David got terribly sick, but she cared for him and became his nurse. Luckily under Clara…show more content…
When her sister died Clara went into a state of depression, she wouldn’t talk to anyone and she stayed in her house for years, so she put off creating the American Red Cross. Then May 1, 1881 she created the biggest achievement of her life, Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross. A few problems Clara faced are when she got fired from her clerk job at the patent office, and when they hired someone else to run the school she built, but she got over it. Everyone loved what Clara Barton did for the hurt and hungry soldiers, and everyone in the Civil War. Even when she didn’t talk to people for many years. When she came back into the open people were so happy she was back. Clara influenced women to stand up for them selves and never give up, she also got a lot of people involved in the American Red
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