Why Is Cloning Wrong

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There are a couple different kinds of cloning, one more widely accepted than the other. Cloning is a controversial topic no matter how you look at it. Even though one type of cloning is generally wrong, there is still controversy that should not exist. All cloning is morally wrong because God is the perfect creator. The Greek word, klon, literally means “twig” or “offshoot”(Cloning). One type of cloning is human or reproductive cloning which is the creation of a genetically identical human, human cell or human tissue. The other type of cloning is called therapeutic cloning which is the development of stem cells from human embryos that could be used to treat a wide range of diseases. Many people claim to have cloned a human, but no evidence…show more content…
The motive is to cure and help people with diseases by recreating cells or tissues, but they are using stem cells to do this. The motive for human cloning, however, is not good(Cloning). Humans are trying to rebuild the Tower of Babel. They are trying to reach God, be as good as Him, or create life as perfectly as Him which is not moral. “Those who believe an embryo isn’t a human person see no problem in cloning embryos and taking their stem cells even though doing so kills them.” The outcome of trying to help cure a disease is millions of dead people. Is it worth it? The outcome of human cloning gives people too much power; they can regulate who is in the world and pretty soon, things like what characteristics they possess. I believe that medicine is a gift from God that we can use to try to save people and I think the means of therapeutic cloning are good, but we shouldn’t commit an immoral act like taking someone’s life to try to save another. Cloning is just trying to take God’s place, claiming His perfection as ours. He is the perfect author and creator of this story and we can’t just slap Him in the face by pretending to be Him, when we don’t come close to measuring
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