Why Is College Education Worth The Cost?

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There is one question that is frequently asked about college education. Is college education really worth the cost? “The evidence is overwhelming that college is a better investment for most graduates than in the past. A new study even shows that a bachelor’s degree pays off for jobs that don’t require one: secretaries, plumbers, and cashiers. And, beyond money, education seems to make people happier and healthier” (Pew Research Center). With college education being the cost it is now, it makes students and parents want to aim at a very inexpensive college, or finish their education at the high school level. A College education is worth the cost because students’ have the opportunity to receive better jobs, learn how to be financially stable and students can also receive financial aid to help pay for college.
Even though some students do not believe college is worth the cost, with the help of going to college, students can receive better jobs. For instance, “Education helps people do higher-skilled work, get jobs with better-paying companies or open their own businesses.” (Leonhardt 1 ). This shows that students who go to college may have more opportunities to have better jobs in life than students who do not go to college. For example, “Not sending them to college would be a disaster” ( Leonhardt 1). As a result, not giving students the chance to go to college is taking away their opportunity to have a better education for experienced workers.
Therefore, “Sending more

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