Importance Of College Being Worth The Money Essay

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This article explains the factors of college being worth the money in the end. The authors explain that not everybody is made for college or some people just can’t afford it. Studies show that middle class high school students that attend college after graduation make significantly more money than students that do not attend. They keep expressing the word “education” as if it is the number one necessity in everyone’s life. Everyone wants to go to college, but most of the time, people cannot afford it. They express that college these days, is sometimes not worth being in debt your whole life for a major that isn’t going to get you anywhere. You must look deeper into the type of degree is needed in the field you want to go into after college, so you know what job you’re most interested in, makes the most money.
They use statistics to explain how much college is to attend and the benefit of receiving a degree, but also to make sure you pick the right university. The statistics they gathered showed that college graduates earn about $3,000 more than a regular high school graduate. They further explain the “earnings” between a high school graduate and a college graduate with an associate’s degree. All these earnings are
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This paper explains all of the benefits of going to college while deciding what school and what major to attend school for that will make your degree worth it after graduation. Statistics in this paper also show the difference in an engineering, math and computers degree holder’s earnings in the future compared to a high school degree and educational degree holders. Helping high school graduates choose the right school for the right major is critical in how their future will play out. Knowing these kind of tips and information when it comes to choosing a university can impact a student’s educational lifestyle positively rather than make them feel like they went to college for

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