Why Is College Worth It Essay

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Is College worth It Should you go to college ? Here 's some reasons why you should. Each year there are thousands of students enrolling into college hoping they will get in to study and learn about their dream job. Many colleges have been around for decades. There are many college names like Harvard and Yale that are named after men. There are none named after women. Therefore college names like Harvard and Yale are named after men who started “college” in the Colonial era. Religious denominations established most of the early colleges in order to train ministers and more. They were modeled after Oxford and Cambridge universities in England, as well as Scottish universities. Is college worth it ? Yes, because it 's a great way for anyone to learn and study what they have always wanted to do in life. If you do the work and take the time to do well at it. It may cost a lot, but in the end of whatever you choose to do. It can pay off tremendously. The risks and benefits to going to college. “The cost for a four year college education has increased much faster than the rate of inflation over the past few decades “. The cost of college has gone up dramatically. But for many families the high cost of college streches budgets to the limit and forces students to take on increasing amounts of debt (“ Reasons To Save For College”). By saving money and hopefully having good savings you could easily save yourself a couple thousand dollars by just simply planning and saving for
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