Why Is Color Guard Important

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Color guard is extremely special and important to me. Many ask, “what is color guard?” “What do you guys even do?” When an audience watches a performance, what most people see is a bunch of people jumping and dancing across a football field, in strange costumes with flags and weapons in their hands, to marching band music. It may seem a bit ridiculous and whimsical to someone that has never been to a marching band competition. To me, however, it is one of the most amazing experiences. The rush of adrenaline and the whirl of emotions that come with performing in marching band and color guard shows is ineffable. My school has a band program consisting of more than 100 high school and middle school students. Every single member of the marching band pushes themselves to…show more content…
When we arrive at competitions, I tend to get nervous. I worry about making mistakes during the performance even though we have rehearsed parts of the show an innumerable amount of times. In my mind, I know that not every single show is going to be perfect and mistakes are imminent, but I still want to make each performance as perfect as possible and to perform my heart out.
Standing in front of a large and cheering audience is not the best part of being in color guard. It does mean a lot that the crowd is always supportive of the band and appreciates the hard work we pour into the show, but one of the greatest aspects about being in color guard is the relationships we build. I had initially joined the color guard to go on a trip to Disney World. I barely knew what color guard was and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was not aware of the hard work that had to be put
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