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The study of Sherwyn P. Morrealle, Michael M. Osborn and Judy C. Pearson, Why Communication is Important: A Rationale for the Centrality of the Study of Communication, 2000 states that Communication skills are required in most occupation and employers identify communication as one of the basic competencies every graduate must acquire, asserting that the communicate skill is valuable for obtaining employment and performing the job successfully. The communication skills necessary in the working area include basic oral and writing ability, and the ability of a person to communicate in work groups and teams with persons of distinct background, and when they are engaged in problem solving and conflict management. Oral communication competence can contribute to individuals ' social adjustment and participation in satisfying relationships with others. Youngsters lacking or having poor communication skills are sometimes viewed as less attractive by their peers and enjoy fewer friendships. Students with ineffective listening skills fail to absorb much of the material to which they are exposed to. Their problems are heightened when they respond incorrectly or inappropriately because of poor speaking skills.
Given the importance of the ability to communicate fully with others, the way of communication should be viewed as central on
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Badenoch stated that it is hard to imagine any field of human activity where close and accurate communication between individuals is more important than it is in the practice of medicine. Similarly, DiMatteo asserted that 'communication is the fundamental instrument by which physician and patient relate to each other and attempt to achieve therapeutic

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