Why Is Communism Portrayed In The Communist Manifesto By Karl Marx

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The government determining how to help industrialization, the proletariat oppressed by the wealthy, and the fact that there were social classes triggered Marxism to respond. Karl Marx believed that communism would give both the government and the people the authority to own all means of production. Communism would prevent private property and everything would be shared. Marx encouraged workers to overthrow their owners, so that they can create economic equality for all people. This caused a violent overthrow of the wealthy. Marx believed that the rich would take advantage of the poor and this resulted in the exploitation of the workers from the employers. Karl Marx’s goal was to have a classless society. The destroying of capitalism would result in a classless society. These are all the reasons that caused Marxism to fight back. Correspondingly, the government supported the industrialization financially. One…show more content…
Even though Marx was born in a prosperous middle class he knew that it was wrong that the wealthy were treated better than the working class and that is why he took action in making a change. For this reason he wrote The Communist Manifesto, but he did not write it himself. Friedrich Engels, Marx’s friend and financial patron, joined Marx to write this short treatise. Engels was also not from the working class, he was the son of a wealthy German cotton manufacturer. The Communist Manifesto, asserted the ideas of a revolutionary socialism. Marx and Engels began The Communist Manifesto with, “the history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.” This basically means that the reason why there is still social classes is because of the constant fighting of both the oppressed and oppressor. Marx wanted the working class to overthrow the wealthy so that it would lead to a classless society, but unfortunately the revolutions
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