Becoming A Computer Investigator Essay

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In an age where we use computers for just about every function and aspect of our lives, we need to have people in place to oversee and make sure that rules and regulations are followed. People in such fields help us to have safer day to day life. This is why we need jobs such as computer crime investigators. They help us to have a safer experience when using the web. They help to solve various crimes channeled through the internet. They help with court cases, unresolved crimes, as well as business that violate computer laws.
They usually find and report evidence for court hearings by providing evidence that help to make court verdicts. They recover loss that may be incurred from mishandling of funds and or other company violations. The also recover deleted information from encrypted passwords or emails. Information such as this can also help with solving crimes when someone try to steal or cover-up information. They are essential in finding other types of important or top secret data information that are otherwise difficult to recover.
Computer investigators usually work with law enforcements as an over watch or observer. They must be specially trained with an advanced education as well as experience with computers. If a person is caught doing illegal
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This is why it is great to be a team player in this field because they often have to network and gather information from various places and people. Choosing a profession such as a computer crime investigator mean you have a major effect and influence over countless people’s lives and well-being. Although it takes work and patience, being a Computer Crime investigator it is very necessary to improve our way of life. It has proven to be so important that it can have an extremely negative effect on the world if all of a sudden this type of job should stops or disappears. This is why I find this to be an important and exciting field to

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