Why Is Confidentiality Important

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I will be committed to maintaining the highest degree of confidentiality with all clients. I will make sure to protect all personal information I receive during the course of my services despite my personal opinions. I promise to conduct myself in a professional manner, and not engage in any corruption that involves the release of private client information because gaining the clients trust is important. I understand that if I do breach confidentiality, it could be detrimental to reaching the end goal. I will make sure to communicate any confidentiality policies to my supervisors and managers in order to avoid future issues.
Sources: “Why is Confidentiality Important,” article by Jules Halpern Associates, October 15, 2010. This article outlines why confidentiality is important and what could happen if there is a breach in confidentiality. I will use this article to argue that confidentiality is pivotal for this code of ethics because confidential information can be misused if it is released without knowledge. The article details what kind of information is considered confidential, which will further clarify this tenet.
“Why it is Important to Maintain Confidentiality in the Workplace,” article by Aastha Dogra, August 22, 2016. This article talks about the importance of workplace as well, but it also goes into depth about how
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I will make sure to preserve a unified environment despite any difference I may have with clients or employers. I promise to adhere to the standards of professional stability and will take any responsibility along the way to the end goal. I assure that I will uphold the integrity of clients as I carry out the process to achieving the end goal because my professional values are vital to the honor of the profession. In doing this, I recognize that I will act as a responsible supporter for any clients I may
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