Why Is Conformity Better Than Individuality

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“Today you will be working in groups for your project.” This quote is the best feeling knowing that you will work with your friends and not by yourself. Schools should support conformity rather than individuality because it will help you become more organized and it will also help you become more disciplined.
My first point is that conformity helps you become more organized and more efficient with your time. As shown in source B with the bell schedule. The bell schedule helps keep students on track and not wonder off because of the exact timing of their periods. The periods are arranged to the minute to ensure maximum efficiency. When you become efficient in school slowly but surely you become efficient outside of school. For example because of the bell schedule, I got the idea to put alarms on my phone. One alarm is for geometry work, another is to do English work, and so on for all of my classes. Each class is given its specific time in school similarly the work for each class is given a specific time. This isn't just for school related stuff all in all you
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For instance when working alone you learn to be more independent. You only rely on yourself and no one else which in some cases will make you more efficient. For example, my class was assigned a project and we were given groups and one of my fellow classmates ended up doing all the work and everyone in his group got a free ride. Ever since then I noticed he only works alone and he is always the first one to turn in the project. this just shows that working independently can help you because you don't have the struggle of dragging your group members. Another advantage is that you have complete say so on what and how you want to do work. You don't have someone disagreeing and arguing about what you are doing. Yes, individuality is completely bad but conformity is more suitable in a classroom
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