Why Is Creativity Important In School

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So why creativity is so important in school life and what does it bring to the curriculum? Education Scotland defines creativity as: “Creativity is a process which generates ideas that have value to the individual. It involves looking at familiar things with a fresh eye, examining problems with an open mind, making connections, learning from mistakes and using imagination to explore new possibilities”. We often think about creativity as making something, but in fact the root meaning of the word means ‘to grow’. Human beings are essentially born creative and from infancy on we find innovative ways to navigate life. Creative children find ways around problems for the reason that they see the problems not as stopping blocks but as a chance to be more creative. Creativity is a way of living life that embraces originality and makes distinctive connections between seemingly disparate ideas. We all have creativity skills of some sort; these can be in the form of just being constructively inquisitive, by questioning, using previous knowledge, being curious and registering patterns and differences. Just being open minded, being able to use imagination and being able to identify and solve problems. These skills…show more content…
Children in a creative environment have freedom of expression, this helps to reduce a lot of stress and have a positive impact on individual learning. They can learn with fun which helps with their emotional development, encourages and improves focus and attention, develops and boosts problem solving skills, enhances and stimulates imaginative thinking capability. Children not only become better communicators and innovators but develop the ability to share information also understand and welcome the views and opinions of other people. All these core elements of a good creative classroom environment should give the children space and opportunity to seek out and follow their

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