Why Is Creon Wrong

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To begin with, in the beginning of the second episode, Sophocles establishes a conflict between Creon and Oedipus. When Oedipus sees Creon at his palace, he scolds, “You-here? You have the gall / to show your face before the palace gates? / You, plotting to kill me, kill the king- / I see it all, the marauding thief himself / scheming to steal my crown and power!” (Sophocles 594-598). Oedipus is convinced that Creon hired Tiresias to reveal false statements, so Creon could take over and become king. However, this is a false accusation, for what Tiresias proclaimed was true, and Oedipus did kill the previous king, his father, and marry his mother. Nevertheless, Oedipus does not change his judgement. When speaking to the Chorus on this matter, Oedipus reviles Creon, “He, wherever he goes, my hate goes with him” (Sophocles 745).…show more content…
Eventually, Creon gives up and announces, “I’m going. / You’re wrong, so wrong. These men know I’m right” (Sophocles 749-750). Their conflict has escalated to the point where Creon and Oedipus’ relationship has been temporarily cut. This characterizes the severity of their conflict, for in this setting, abandoning one’s kin was frowned upon. Oedipus’ suspicions can be expected of a king. Throughout history, there have been many instances of a relative of the king murdering the king and taking over. However, in this case, Creon does not intend to create Oedipus’ downfall or take over as king. Creon has the full right to retaliate to Oedipus’ charge because he is innocent and is defending the truth. If Oedipus had been less stubborn, he would have seen Creon’s innocence and avoid this
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