Persuasive Essay Pro Death Penalty

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Crime is happening around us all the time, it is more common than people realize and similarly criminals are around us all the time too. Whether it is a poor man stealing some food from a store or a sociopath who is planning to kill someone, there is no definition of what a criminal looks like. In most cases death penalty has been considered the only way to justify a victim without acknowledging the fact there is so much more to the story and people are not even aware of it. However, that does not mean that every kind of criminal deserves a death penalty and such kind of inhuman punishments doesn’t always help in deterring crime.
When a murderer murders someone they don’t think about the consequences. In more than half the murder cases the
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What can really deter crime? Right now the closest thing next to death penalty would be life imprisonment. Some prisoners actually prefer death penalty rather than life imprisonment because in case of life imprisonment they will have to suffer and wait until they die but in case of death penalty, the law is just making it easier for them and ending their problems right there. Our world needs something better than death penalty because death penalty lowers us, it brings out the worst in us as a human being, it doesn’t help to deter crime at all, it doesn’t elevate our society in any way, it will never bring back someone’s life and it has killed many innocent people already. If the justice system is trying to stop others from killing then they shouldn’t partake in the same killing process by executing someone. Murderers don’t always think about the range of punishments for murdering someone when they commit a crime. The law needs to inject fear in the minds of the criminals or murderers and discourage them from actually committing crime. We don’t just need something for the sake of it, we need something that actually deters crime and death penalty really isn’t one of them. Death penalty has been in practice for a very long time, even way back in history when people were not as developed as today and this itself shows that death penalty is not an effective deterrent for crime because the number of crimes and criminals in jails have increased immensely in today’s
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