Why Is Cursive Writing Important

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Cursive writing today is still important to keep teaching our children. It is a writing that has been set into place many years ago. Many important Document 's from our past history have been recorded in cursive handwriting, as well has our Constitution and Bill of Rights. If school 's due away with teaching cursive it can have a negative impact on our furture generation.For instance, those that still use cursive writing, such as our grandparent 's and of course many other 's from past generation 's, it is their first common choice to use. So the importance of learning cursive is not that it is just hand writing, it has to be read. By not teaching our students the fundementals of crusive, it henders them from reading as well. Furthermore, the parts of the brain that are important to thinking and learning are not being promoted to better thinking if we do away with teaching cursive. Medical brain scans show that witing in cursive helps with motor-skill develoment and stimulates the right and left parts…show more content…
Do to technology today, such as the computer with its keyboard and the electronic technology, that at one push, thumb scan, or a card being slid, allows for those devices to verify who you are instead of needing a signature. With technology moving at a fastest pace and already having our varifiction in a system, we could loose teaching our future students cursive writing. All this being said, It shows just how important knowing how to write cursive is. The benifits of cursive out way the technology we have gone to. Yes, technology works a lot faster in getting task done, but it is taking away the essentials; benifits that cursive has in provding with helping the brain. Cursive writing will always be a benifit to us and is needed as a necessity due to the positive effects it has in helping our brain to be more stimulatnt and helping those with reading disorders and brain injurys. It would robbing our studnnts in having a morew
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