Why Is Cyber Bullying Wrong

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Have you ever been bullied or humiliated while using the internet? Is it hard to sleep at night knowing someone’s out to get you? Are you feeling as if you’re never going near technology again? Do you want to end this once and for all? Well, all those questions stated are side effects of cyber bullying. We all need to consider that cyber bulling is rising as we speak. Cyber bullying experts say, “from (2000-2010) cyber bullying has been rising, at a rate of 6% to 11%. A survey was conducted showing 15.5% of teens said they were bullied electronically. So cyber bullying as a whole is a waste of time and not necessary, and by doing some complex research there are many ways to stop cyber bullying. We could limit the amount of time children use…show more content…
Some people may argue limiting the amount of technology helps them with homework and class assignments. This all could be possible if parents listen to all the listed. Their argument is weak because children could use books instead of the internet. Others may argue teaching the negatives of cyber bullying may interest the kid to cyber bully, but by teaching them cyber bullying is wrong, they wouldn’t want to go…show more content…
If possible and schools listen, and teach students the negatives of cyber bullying, it would be great. The people who disagree with the facts have a weak argument, because 84% of the students will listen to the warning given to them. Angered people may argue, by telling the student the outcomes of the victim after cyber bullying may be traumatizing. But it would be better to inform the children earlier than later. If schools and teachers take note this could all be possible. The hater’s argument is weak, because it’s safer and more important to inform the children now then later. When considering the issue of cyber bullying, it’s clear it’s an important issue. We all need to re-think cyber bullying is rising as we speak, and not going to lower anytime soon. (2000-2010) cyber bullying has risen by 6% to 11% in only 10 years. By limiting children’s time on technology, teaching children the negatives of cyber bullying , and teaching children what happens to the victims of cyber bullying, will grammatically decrease the numbers of cyber bullying. And so those are reasons and solutions to

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