Why Is Cyrus Mcconville's Great Rebuilding

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McConville, writes, “Ezra3, the rebuilding as a restoration of a new construction after the second wave of the exile sent back by Cyrus in 530 BC. 2 Kings 25:9. Cyrus was a type of Christ, He was anointed of the Lord, he was a deliver, he gave the people’s liberty and help them to return to Jerusalem. Nevertheless, (the site) continued holy; Jews, who wasn’t taken in to captive to Babylon, thus, they worship there making offerings. Jer.45:4-5” . Mc Conville points out, ‘before any stone way laid the people continue to reverenced it as the Lord’s House.” Though there was no building. Ezra 2:68. However, Zerubbabel was a type of Christ, he was to rebuild the temple of the Lord, and return to the people for pure worship to the Father. Zerubbabel was the leading governor of…show more content…
Haggai was with the peoples during their return to Babylon.” Ezra 3:2. Haggai 1:2. “The time has not come”, the people decided, rebuilding the Lord’s temple was not important., vs. 1:3, 4.,
” the people installed wood panels, making their houses more elaborate than God’s house. “The time was not yet right”, to work and renew the temple of the Lord.” 1:5 explains, we much re-evaluate our actions and habits towards the Lord’s house.” Vs.19 The people were ignoring the spiritual aspects of their lives and only focusing on the physical parts such as, materials good, their idols, but not remembering God for his deliverance, help and mercy and grace. For instance, we are to first to give thanks to God, by offering him our first fruits and praise his holy name in spirit and truth. Trusting that he will provide our needs, the bible informs us, seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. God, he

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