Why Is Dally A Good Role Model

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Courageous, hard working, and tough are all words that describe my role model, Dally. Dally is the person who rescued Ponyboy from the fire. He also hates Socs and will do anything to harm them. He is my role model for many reasons, such as, he protects our gang.He also risks himself for us every day. I look up to Dally because he fights for our gang and he is tough and risks himself for other people, even in tough times. Dally is an excellent role model because he defends us against outside forces. For example, he came to the rescue and shook off Socs when they ambushed and pulled a blade on me. They probably would have killed me if it weren’t for him. Also, he came with a burnt arm to the rumble and helped us win! That takes grit to come from an injury and help out others. Dally is a true hero.…show more content…
For example, he gave my friend and i, a gun so that we could survive. If he were to be caught doing this, then he would have been sent to jail for life. He also rescued Ponyboy from a blazing fire and risked losing his arm. Ponyboy would have died if it weren’t for him. He also protected Johnny from abusive beatings that could have caused Johnny major injury. Dally is extremely brave to do all of these acts of courage. In conclusion, Dally is an exquisite role model that contains many qualities that an excellent role model would have. Some of these are bravery, confidence, and leadership. He is like a leader of a pack. He risks his life every day for each of us. He also protects our gang from Socs. Dally is truly a perfect role
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