Why Is Death Penalty Wrong

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Although a lot of people may disagree that using the death penalty is wrong because it 's taking the life of another human, many others agree that it 's right because it 's punishing people who don 't obey the laws of our county. The death penalty was given to a person for a very serious capital law such as murder, the death penalty was believed to “deter crime”. The Death Penalty was a punishment that was used against people who committed capital crimes, and as for their disobedience to their country they were given a certain punishment for their crime, some were more harsh than others believe it or not but they all resulted in death. There were many laws that could have been broken for one to receive the death penalty such as, murder treason and many more horrible crimes. The are many different types of ways that you could be killed according to the death penalty. One way was lethal injection which is a drug that was put into you body which “paralysis yours muscles and stops your heart”. Another way that the death penalty was put into use was stoning, the person who convicted the crime would have rocks and stones…show more content…
There are some states to this day that still believe in the use of the death penalty. The states that use them have the intended use of them because they want the people who convict horrible crimes to never see the light of day again. In the usa there are still “31 states that use the death penalty”. The crimes that are convicted to be given the death penalty are murder which is taking the life of another human, treason which is betraying one 's country, drug trafficking which separates drugs everywhere through states, and last but not least espionage which is spying on one 's country or people. Some of the states that allow the death penalty in their state are Florida, Kentucky, Virginia, South Carolina, Arizona , Alabama, Utah ,Washington , California, Arkansas,Tennessee. The following states use the firing squad, hanging, electrocution, gas
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