Democracy And Minority

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people want; which is what the majority really desires for. When a country chooses the path of democracy it needs to face a lot of challenges. As it allows the people of the nation to have a greater say in the nations affair it goes with the most voices heard which definitely is the views and voices of the majority. Democracy in many instances is criticized on how it distinguishes among the majority and minority. The majority is most of the times heard and the minority maybe left unheard too. In a democracy the majority may be favoured but a healthy democracy ensures the protection of rights and ideas of the minority. In a large population the importance of the majority opinion is to establish the popular will and desires of the people belonging…show more content…
Opportunities are what just knock us once or twice and not always. There are heated debates to unequal opportunities in every level of the society. Democracy might not have been successful in preventing these arguments and debates but it has made commendable efforts to provide a platform to each and every citizen irrespective of their social and economic background. It gives each and every citizen an opportunity to feel important and included with the amount of rights it provides to them. in a democracy no force or decision is imposed on the people without their consent. Elections are a very major and significant part of a democracy. Democracy as we have been discussing desires to focus on hearing all but it is not really possible with a large population, thus elections and the people elected help the democracy to keep it going. Elections take place at regular intervals to help the people of the nation be heard through the representatives they choose. Through this we can see how democracy provides the citizens with great opportunities of being responsible as they have great responsibilities like choosing the leaders who further govern and rule it. It provides open opportunities of accessing the government documents and debating on them. Democracy does provide greater opportunities like show chasing abilities on genuine platforms and voicing opinions but it always provides us with opportunities like being involved and included in the decisions of the government which is very much struggled for. It gives us an opportunity to be equal to others. It also provides us with opportunities to use the rights provided to us and to avail the resources of the nation. It is very much a considerate form of government as it thinks about not just the provision of opportunities to the present generations but the future generations too. democracy provides numerous opportunity to the country as a whole as well as to each and every individual

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