The Importance Of Direct Democracy

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As the enhancement of humans’ needs and wants, people are tempted to promote the quality of their lives by using their knowledge and wisdom. Founding government is one of the most significant inventions of human beings. Government can be interpreted as an organization that creates and carries out laws. The issue of whether Direct Democracy is practical in the United States has been debated in this modern time. It is critical because it concerns fundamental political problems about society. This essay will clarify the reasons of why we need a government and why direct democracy is not a suitable political structure for the current American society. Government is necessary to be established within a society or a community. First and foremost, it can keep up order, which means inhabitants will not frequently suffer inexorable violence and the conduct of breaching ethics. As an illustration, because of the absence of government in the earliest group of British colonists, nobody would punish the people who dared to eat their relatives and colleagues in order to deal with starvation (McGill 2009).…show more content…
Democracy, Aristocracy, and Oligarchy are three major types of government. A democracy is a government that is run by the people, which means the power rests in people’s hands. On the contrary, there is only one individual and a small group of people who has all power in an aristocracy and an oligarchy, respectively. Apparently, a democracy is the fittest for America. The democratic system respects and acknowledges the worth of all citizens ideally. The majority of individuals would like to follow the rules because governors have legitimacy to represent government. In addition, democracy attaches great importance to security, equality, and humans’ freedom. Hence, I support the democracy, which is better for citizens. Actually, a democracy can be either direct or
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