Why Is Dictatorship Bad

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Currently there are 49 known dictators in the world today(Davis)! This includes 21 in Africa, 18 in Asia, 7 in the Middle East, 1 in Europe, and 2 in the Americas(Davis). Dictatorship is a form of government where one person has absolute control and hold all political power (“How Dictators Work”). Dictatorship is a weak form of government because there’s no check and balances, rights of the people are hindered, and more often than not people are killed(Davis).
When Dictatorship was first introduced it wasn’t what you think of today. It was first created in 510 B.C by Roman Senate and was only used for emergency such as controlling the rebellions. At this time Rome was controlled by two consuls, but sometimes one would have to take the role of a dictator. They held authority over all politicians and couldn’t legally be held responsible for their actions. A sixth month term was put in place to insure that the
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The list of reasons as to why a dictatorship is wrong goes on and on. But there is a short list as to why when done properly it can be a good thing. It goes back to the start of everything. The Romans proved it can help settle disputes and helps bring down violence. A dictatorship is a strict form of government and it can give structure to the people. Even though it is suppose to help stop violence it more often than not creates it. Dictators now are much different than in the past. In the past they wanted what was best for their people. They had compassion for others. Now they are cruel and hard to emotions. The only thing they feel is greed.
Dictators recent and past have proven that dictatorship does not have checks and balances, it hinders the rights of the people, and people get killed under extreme circumstances. When dictatorship is mentioned many people think of people such as Hitler and Stalin. They both helped turn the once helpful and successful form of government into what we think of today. They allow themselves to be overtaken with
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