Why Is Disobedience Wrong

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People think that disobedience is a wrong thing to do, but what they do not know is that it is what makes them more powerful by realizing they are doing the right thing. Most of the families out there try to raise their children to be good, respectful and responsible, by teaching them that disobedience will lead them to a not suitable life. We all do not listen to our parents sometimes, because we think that we are right and that we are doing the right choices. That is a reason that disobedience may sometimes be wrong, but sometimes it could really help us in many different ways and even change a person's life. There many reasons why disobedience could be a great thing to many people. For example, in the 1960’s there was a lot of slavery, and that for some people was very harsh. For example, in December 1st, 1955 there was a women by the name of Rosa Parks who was getting into a bus that was for white and colored people. There was a space for white people and there was a space for colored people in the bus. Rosa was sitting in the colored section while the white section was filled. There was a white person that wanted a seat but they were all taken, so the white passenger wanted the seat that Rosa was sitting in. The bus driver order Rosa to give up her seat to the…show more content…
fought for racial inequality. King was a leader of the Civil Rights Movement, and he was known for a advancement on the civil rights using nonviolent civil disobedience. King also helped organize the March on Washington where he said his famous speech “I have a Dream”. King did so much for his people that he got a Nobel Peace Prize, for fighting for racial inequality with nonviolent resistance. King was fighting for his people and because of him, he got equal civil rights for everyone and that is why he is remembered as a brave man who fought for his country while using nonviolent civil
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